Monday, June 1

About Daniel Davis (from article)

Violinist Daniel Davis is a rare gem and an oddity of sorts, in the best way possible. He is a shining example of the good things that come from maintaining the arts in schools. And even though he is classically trained, his personal “maverick” style of play often caused misunderstandings with his more traditional instructors. Yet, perseverance paid off for this Winthrop University sophomore. His prowess on violin is garnering the kind of public adoration, recognition, and celebrity kudos that most violinists twice his age have only dreamt of. With a slight swagger, he approaches center stage decked out in sneakers, a t-shirt and jeans. His youthful appearance belies his ability initially. But as Davis snuggles his violin between chin and a well-toned, tattooed arm--immediately riveting the attention of the young women in attendance--it takes just a few stokes of the violin to draw and enthrall entire crowds into a musical odyssey consisting of songs from his contemporaries in the hip hop, R&B, and gospel genres, as well as classical. Davis is a young wunderkind virtuoso, for whom many can’t get enough of. Early in his career he made a name for himself locally in his hometown of Charleston, performing at jazz clubs and community events including the Spoleto Festival. Davis aptly capitalized on his appeal utilizing Internet social networks like MySpace and You Tube, where his fan base mushroomed in response to his renditions of Chris Brown’s “Forever” and Soulja Boys’ “Kiss Me Through The Phone featuring Sammie”; which currently tout 55,000 and 157,000 hits respectively. His appearances before 50,000 at the Obama “Stand for Change Rally” in the University of South Carolina, Koger Center for the Arts and as opening act for Najee, where he performed a song including samples of Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech, have also broadened his audience. Today, not many violinists can boast of such an eclectic fan base. It could be pretty heady stuff for the sophomore but he takes it all in stride. Violin was not first choice, but was the only thing left when he went to claim an instrument back at the School of Arts in Charleston. As time passed he developed a true love for the instrument which is evident during his performance. He learned humility and a love for the music over the years that earned him a coveted summer at New York’s Julliard School of Music. His career is illuminated by taking calculated risks, breaking with tradition and turning challenges into success. And like his contemporaries in Hip Hop and rap, he has modified the traditional path of his predecessors to generate a whole new reality.

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